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Thursday november  1st 2018 

0900 - 1000

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1000 - 1015

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1015 - 1100

Sue Ettinger: What to do with lumps and bumps. The new guidelines for dogs and cats.
“See Something, Do Something” (SSDS) is Dr Sue’s cancer awareness program for lumps and bumps in dogs and cats. SSDS provides guidelines for pet owners and veterinarians for evaluating superficial masses in dogs and cats. These guidelines will increase client awareness and promote early cancer detection and diagnosis. No one can look at a mass or feel a mass and know if it is benign or malignant. The good news is we can make a difference in our patients and cure most skin and subcutaneous tumors if we find them early and when they are small.

1100 - 1145

Sue Ettinger: The ABC of early cancer detection: aspirates, biopsies and cytology.
Most skin and subcutaneous tumors can be cured with surgery alone if diagnosed early when small.  See Something, Do Something. Why Wait? Aspirate® is a cancer awareness program to help to identify and diagnose masses with aspirates and biopsies when they are more treatable. We will cover practical cytology tips for getting diagnostic aspirates, looking at slides in-house, and reviewing cytology reports. We will also discuss when to biopsy a mass instead of aspirates.

1145 - 1215

Besøk i fagtekniske utstillinger

1215 - 1300

Sue Ettinger: Canine lymphoma on a budget, which tests to recommend, practical approach.
Once you’ve confirmed the diagnosis of lymphoma, the diagnostic and chemotherapy options can be budget busting for many clients. Which tests and protocols do we recommend? What do you tell the owners? This lecture will give a practical approach to diagnostic and treatment options at various price points. We will cover the numbers and prognoses you need to know when you talk the owner about the options. We will also discuss new therapies available and how to use steroids when treatment is declined.

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1415 - 1500

Sue Ettinger: Mastcell tumors: review and whats new.

One size does not fit all for canine MCT.  After an overview of MCT presentation, diagnosis, staging and prognostic factors, we will review the newer prognostic factors (mitotic index and proliferation markers, k-cit mutation status), the new 2-tiered grading system, and new treatment including tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

1500 - 1545

Sue Ettinger Canine Bladder Tumors
This lecture will give a practical overview of canine bladder tumors including best practices for diagnostics, surgery, chemotherapy and supportive care.

1545 - 1615

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1615 -1730

Ettinger: Cases, Q and A

1830 -

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Friday November 2nd 2018   

0900 - 0945

Sue Ettinger: How to be a rock star with chemotherapy patients (*)

Chemotherapy can be very well tolerated in dogs and cats. This lecture will provide practical tips and guidelines for preventing and managing chemotherapy side effects. We will also cover interpreting blood work before and after chemotherapy, plus when and how to use antibiotics.  Whether you refer your cancer cases to a specialist or manage them in your practice, this lecture will cover the ways to improve the chemotherapy experience.

0945 - 1030

Sue Ettinger: Metronomic chemotherapy FAQ; Why, When and How.

Metronomic chemotherapy – aka low dose oral chemotherapy - is a newer way of administering old chemotherapy drugs but targets tumor cells in a completely different way than conventional chemotherapy. In this case-based lecture, we will discuss all you need to know about this lower dose, lower risk and often lower cost approach.  We will also discuss which cases you should consider it, including cases with advanced metastatic disease

1030 - 1100

Besøk I fagtekniske utstillinger

1100 - 1145

Sue Ettinger: Cancer tools you can use tomorrow: Feline GI lymphoma vs IBD

1145 - 1215

Besøk i fagtekniske utstillinger

1215 - 1300

Sue Ettinger: Cancer Tools You Can Use Tomorrow:  Feline Non-GI lymphoma. A practical owerview of diagnostics, picking staging tests, treatment options and more.

These lectures will cover both low grade and high grade gastrointestinal lymphoma, and the challenges of distinguishing low grade lymphoma and IBD. In part 2, we will discuss the common non-GI forms. These lectures will give a practical overview of diagnostics, picking staging tests, which ones to skip, treatment options, and statistics you need to know when you talk the owner. We will also discuss steroids when treatment is declined. Cats are definitely not small dogs when it comes to lymphoma.

1300 - 1400


1400 - 1445

Sue Ettinger: Osteosarcoma Survival Guide

You found the bone lesion. Now what? In this lecture, we will review practical tips for working up osteosarcoma in dogs, including which staging tests you to do (and what to skip). This lecture will provide you the overview you need to know when you talk the owner the about statistics and treatment. New breakthroughs in treatment will also be covered

1445 - 1530

Ethics and HMS (Mandelin og Ziener)


Besøk i fagtekniske utstillinger 

1600 - 1830

Årsmøte I SVF

1930 -



Saturday November 3rd 2018



Surgery - General practice
Christina Strand Thomsen and Laura Owen

Surgery – advanced
Henry L’eplattenièr

0915 - 1000

It’s just a lump – isn’t it? Principles of oncological surgery, Thomsen

Reconstruction of the trunk; My favourite flaps including breakdowns

1000 - 1030

Besøk i fagtekniske utstillinger 

1030- 1115

How to get the most from your pathology report, Owen

Reconstruction of the head and face

1115 - 1145

Besøk i fagtekniske utstillinger 

1145 - 1230

Dirty margins – what now? Thomsen

Lymphnodes – when, why and how to remove them?

1230 - 1345


1345 - 1430

I have created a large hole – help! Owen

Tumors of the chest Part one

1430 - 1515

Sarcomas of the extremities – how can these best be dealt with? Thomsen

Tumors of the chest Part two

1515– 1545

Besøk i fagtekniske utstillinger 

1545- 1630

Splenic masses – should I operate? What is the prognosis? Owen

Anal sac adenocarcinoma








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